LJA Rail is a group of railroaders completely dedicated to the freight railroad industry. Our group provides experience-driven services for each project. From planning, operations, and design to project and construction management, our freight rail experts are your go-to team to navigate the complexities associated with regulatory agencies, third parties, and other key stakeholders during project development. With a widely varied and successful track record in freight rail project and program development, we offer a strong team with the knowledge and experience to deliver your projects on time and within budget.


To be the design, construction, and construction management company of choice for freight railroads and their customers in North America. It is our continuous goal to deliver products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of the railroad industry we serve. We only work for freight railroad clients, so we understand that efficient operations and low maintenance costs are a result of well thought out designs and no/low impact construction.

Dedicated Focus

Decades of experience as railroad employees give us a clear understanding of the intricacies of freight railroad engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance. We only work for freight railroad clients, so we understand that efficient operations and low maintenance costs are a result of well thought out designs and no/low impact construction. Our first-hand knowledge allows our group to focus on these key criteria to anticipate potential challenges and address them before they have an impact on operations, a particular project, or program.


LJA Rail offers proven experience and expertise in the development of rail facilities, including rail yards and intermodal terminals; rail served industrial facilities; transload facilities; structures; new rail corridors; maintenance, fueling, waste management, security, office, crew welfare, signals, and other systems. Our objective is always to provide cost-effective services that meet your objectives while adhering to the servicing railroad’s objectives and requirements as required. We will identify issues that may impact the project’s schedule and cost, and provide solutions to minimize associated risk.


LJA Rail brings a wealth of experience in railroad planning, design, construction, construction management, operations, and maintenance to its projects. We have worked closely with our freight railroad clients to develop projects and operating systems that maintain the effective use of real property and/or right-of-way for rail operations, including working with freight railroads to maintain railroad operations during heavy construction. Our team is experienced in coordinating civil, track, and signal design with cutovers and construction staging in constrained areas with 24-hour freight operations under live track conditions.


Our reputation is built upon a legacy of trust – among our staff and our clients – and this mutual trust continues to drive our commitment to deliver the best solutions to complex building and business challenges. LJA Rail is backed by the depth and diversity of our parent company, LJA Engineering, Inc. LJA Engineering is an Engineering News-Record Top 500 National Firm offering full-service engineering and consulting services to public and private sector clients. With over 670 employees in 25 offices, LJA Engineering has significant engineering, planning, surveying, landscape architecture, GIS, environmental, and construction management talent to serve the technical needs of our clients. This allows us to leverage our resources from across the company, provide expertise-driven teams, deliver responsiveness to your specific needs, and individualize project solutions.